GOBA 33 | June 18-25, 2022

For important GOBA updates throughout the year, check goba.com and facebook.com/gobatour.


The cancellation of the 2020 GOBA at the onset of the COVID pandemic had a significant financial impact on our operation. Outdoor Pursuits had already expended significant resources for staffing, planning, and non-refundable contractual obligations associated with GOBA. We are grateful for our participants’ patience and flexibility during this truly unprecedented time. 

In order to ensure the continuity of GOBA into the future, Outdoor Pursuits will manage the redeeming of deferred 2020 registrants in “blocks” corresponding to the following criteria. The first block will be open for 2020 deferrals that participated in 2021 WOBA. We’ll then place deferrals into blocks based on the  participant’s original 2020 GOBA registration order. All riders holding a deferral registration will be e-mailed in blocks, and provided a “coupon code” to utilize during the 2022 registration process. If a 2020 deferred rider chooses not to redeem their deferral within 2 weeks of when their block opens, their deferral will roll over to either 2023 or 2024.  

The scheduling of these deferred registrant blocks is outlined below. If a significant number of non-deferred participants register, and as our fixed operating costs are covered, we’ll accelerate the schedule for redeeming deferred registrants.  If you hold a deferral, and would like to register with cash this year, you’d be helping us get beyond this challenge, and we’d continue to roll your deferred registration forward. 



1  – Adult registration opens for $350 

1 – All 2020 GOBA Deferrals will be e-mailed and assigned into a “Deferral Block”

21 – 2020 GOBA Deferral BlockA (2021 WOBA participants)  registration opens (closes March 6)  

7 – 2020 GOBA Deferral BlockB registration opens (closes March 20)

21 – 2020 GOBA Deferral BlockC registration opens (closes April 3) 

4 – 2020 GOBA Deferral BlockD registration opens (closes April 17) 

1 – Deadline for $350 adult registration

1 – Adult registration increases to $400 at Midnight on Sunday night

1 – Deadline to purchase Rider No. 33 raffle ticket

13 – Deadline to order jerseys and shirts (a limited supply will be sold in camp)

22 – Adult registration increases to $450 (nonrefundable)

22 – Deadline to cancel GOBA registration and receive partial refund (minus a $55 processing fee for adults, no fee for children)

22 – Deadline to purchase Car Camper Pass, Deluxe Camping Service and Community Camping Service

6 – Deadline to transfer registration to another rider ($20 processing fee)

13 – Deadline to register for GOBA (no registrations at camp)

18 – GOBA camp and check-in open at noon

19 – GOBA camp check-in from 6-8 a.m. — then start pedaling!

25 – GOBA 2023 route announcement at goba.com and facebook.com/gobatour

25 – GOBA 2023 registration opens at goba.com


GOBA 34 – June 17-24, 2023
GOBA 35 – June 16-23, 2024