GOBA is predominantly a primitive, tent camping event. However, 10-15% of participants do take advantage of other sleeping options. Here’s a quick video about the various options and our guidelines & policies

CAMPER SERVICES are provided by independent vendor, Knight’s Kingdom.


Additional camper services are offered by GOBA’s preferred vendor – Knight’s Kingdom. Purchase of services is online unless noted otherwise. Refund requests must be made by May 15, 2024, and all refunds for Deluxe and Community services will be minus a $20 processing fee. No refunds for towel and chair services. There will be no refunds in the event of cancellation due to natural disasters, acts of god or acts of terrorism. Detailed cancellation policy in “more info” section of registration tile.

Deluxe Camping Service

Fee: $600 single or $800 double

Limited availability: – 30 tents are available for this service; more may be added later in the spring.  Reserve your space now!

Registration closes May 15 2024. Processing fee of $20 for refunds. Cancellation and refund policy is in the “more info” section of the registration tiles. 


  • A Knight’s Kingdom tent with set-up/tear-down in the Knight’s Kingdom preferred camping area. Let Knight’s Kingdom do the work for you!
  • Air mattress
  • Chair to use in camp
  • Personalized luggage service
  • Snacks and drinks
  • Towels and washcloths
  • Electronics charging and power availability for CPAP machines.

Community Camping Service

Fee: $150 per person

Availability: 100 individuals

Registration closes May 15, 2024. Processing fee of $20 for refunds. Cancellation and refund policy is in the “more info” section of the registration tiles. 


  • Reserved space for you to set up your tent in the Knight’s Kingdom preferred camping area
  • Personalized luggage service to the Knight’s Kingdom preferred camping area
  • Chair to use in camp
  • Snacks and drinks
  • Electronics charging and power availability for CPAP machines.
  • **NOTE – TOWEL Service is NOT INCLUDED and must be purchased seperately

Towel Service

Fee: $30 before June 9, 2024, or $35 at check-in

No refunds


  • Clean and fresh towel and washcloth each day.
  • You’ll find the towel service every day near the shower trucks.

Chair Service

Fee: $30 before June 9, 2024, or $35 at check-in

No refunds


  • Chair to use in camp. Must be returned by 7 a.m. on departure days, when GOBA breaks camp.

CAR-CAMPER PARKING PASS – these credentials will allow access for a car or camper in designated spaces at our camp facilities.  **NOTE – we’ve adjusted our non-rider (driver) registration fee to be more reasonable in 2024. 


Fee options

  • Driver must register at the current NON_RIDER adult rate )$100). This registration fee covers our expenses for the 5 provided meals and all camp facilities (shower trucks, porta pots, etc). 
  • Vehicle 18 feet or shorter, including tow vehicle: $50
  • Vehicle 18 feet to 36 feet, including tow vehicle: $100
  • Box truck: $150

Car-camper and box truck pass registrations close June 9, 2024… or when 75 car capacity is reached. No refunds after June 9, 2024.

What you get

A pass that allows a non-rider to bring along a vehicle each day and park it in the GOBA-rented facility. All drivers and campers must be registered as GOBA participants (see above) and must wear a wristband. No electricity, water or other hookups are provided.


By registering your vehicle you are agreeing to the following:

  • I and all occupants of the vehicle are registered, paid participants of GOBA 2024. GOBA wristbands are required.
  • “CAR CAMP” placards MUST BE DISPLAYED in your windsheild throughout GOBA. Strict enforcement this year!
  • We will not arrive in camp before 10 a.m. (no earlier than noon on June 17 in Jefferson)
  • We will presnt your placard upon entry to camp and obey the parking instruction of local and GOBA volunteers and staff at the campgrounds.
  • We will erect tents and other equipment only on designated camping sites. GOBA will try to provide sites adjacent to vehicle parking areas, but in some camps this might not be feasible.
  • We will stay off the bicyclists’ route, except for GOBA-designated rendezvous points.
  • We agree not to hook up to electric or water unless pre-arranged with GOBA.
  • We understand the pass is only valid in a particular camp for the night(s) that GOBA is camping there.
  • We will drive with caution, remembering that, on this tour, bicyclists come first.
  • We are not operating this vehicle during the event for profit or for commercial purpose.
  • We understand that a vehicle consists of a car, truck, motorhome, van or trailer. The length of any tow vehicle shall count toward the overall length used in calculating the fee. The maximum length is 36 feet. The width of a vehicle or camper, regardless of length, shall not exceed 9 feet, including slideouts.
  • We will not use an auxiliary, gasoline-powered generator.  Built-in RV generators are ok. 
  • We will not bring a pet to GOBA, per GOBA policies.