View and download all of the WOBA routes, both as Ride With GPS files and easy-to-print PDFs. The RWGPS files also have basic information about the food stops; rider packets will have additional details.


  • Western Ohio Bicycle Adventure (WOBA) replaces GOBA for 2021

  • Smaller, one-time ride to host up to 500 participants

  • WOBA has same dates in same towns as planned for GOBA

  • GOBA 2020 deferment holders offered priority registration, deep discount

  • GOBA to be reinstated in 2022, visit the same four towns

  • All 2020 deferments rolled over to GOBA 2022, 2023 or 2024

  • Deferments can be sold or transferred for no fee

We were sad to announce that on March 1, because of the ongoing pandemic, Columbus Outdoor Pursuits canceled the 2021 Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure. This difficult decision came after months of consultation with health officials and the host towns.

The slow rollout of vaccines, the arrival of new COVID-19 variants, and the likelihood of continued tight restrictions on mass gatherings and temporary campgrounds did not bode well for holding a full-featured GOBA for 1,200 to 1,500 participants like the GOBAs our riders have come to expect. Across the U.S., several other large multi-day tours recently have reached the same conclusion.

We plan to reinstate GOBA in 2022 in the same towns. All 2020 deferments will be rolled over and can be used to register for GOBA at no additional cost in 2022, 2023 or 2024, whichever year the holder chooses.


Outdoor Pursuits recognizes that many cyclists are eager to ride in a tour this summer if they can do so safely. To that end, the organization has been working with communities and health departments to develop a new event with less frills and fewer attendees than a typical GOBA, and with a greater emphasis on bicycling (which is considered low-risk for spreading COVID) and avoidance of activities seen as more risky.

The goal was to create a smaller, weeklong tour that would comply with current strict COVID rules and thereby improve the chances that the event can be held even if the restrictions aren’t eased by summer.

This new, one-time event is called the Western Ohio Bicycle Adventure (WOBA), and it is planned for June 19-26, 2021, in Sidney, Wapakoneta, Versailles and Troy — on the same dates and in the same towns that had been planned for GOBA 2021.

But WOBA isn’t GOBA. There are major differences.

The Western Ohio Bicycle Adventure will have a limit of 500 riders and non-riders. Participants will drive — instead of ride — from one overnight town to the next. They will have their vehicles throughout the tour, making it easier for them to leave camp for lodging, food, services and shopping. WOBA will not have luggage trucks, shuttle buses and ambulances. The camps will have shower trucks and portable toilets with enhanced cleaning. Tents will be spaced farther apart. Food service in the camps might be limited, and most entertainment will be off-site. There will be no indoor floor sleeping.

All rides will be loop rides, about a 50-mile out-and-back on each of the seven days of cycling (Sunday through Saturday), with a 100-mile option on one of the days. The rides will begin and end at that morning’s camp. On moving days, cyclists will drive to the next town after their ride. It’s a hub-and-spoke format with four hubs.


With the cancellation of GOBA 2021, we have added 2024 to the period in which 2020 registrants can choose to use their deferment. Deferment holders will be able to register for the Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure in their choice of 2022, 2023 or 2024 without paying a registration fee.

GOBA 2020 registrants won’t be able to use their GOBA deferment for a free registration this year on WOBA because the two are separate events. However in gratitude for their patience and support, Outdoor Pursuits will give deferment holders a deeply discounted rate of $240 for WOBA if they register by June 7 or before the 500-rider limit is reached.

The regular adult “open” rate for non-holder of deferments is $350 until June 7, or until the 500-rider limit is reached.

For the purpose of assigning priority for early WOBA registration, the deferment holders were divided into two groups, depending on when they registered for GOBA 2020. The priority period for Group 1 ended March 31. Enough spots remained to allow everyone who signed up for the Group 2 wait-list to register April 1-15 and be guaranteed a spot. 


Outdoor Pursuits has struggled, as have many charities, due to COVID-19. For 2021, in addition to the Western Ohio Bicycle Adventure, we are still planning XOBA in July and TOSRV in September. We also will be operating daily kayak trips in the Scioto River in downtown Columbus. The two-hour downtown Columbus bike tours that began in 2020 for 10 or fewer riders will continue.

Please watch goba.com and your email in-box for further details. We hope you’ll join us in exploring new frontiers on the Western Ohio Bicycle Adventure.


• If you are a deferred GOBA 2020 registrant, you should be receiving emails about your deferment and about WOBA. If you were the purchaser of a GOBA 2020 registration and aren’t getting the emails in your in-box, could you check your spam folder? You may need to adjust your security settings to allow goba@outdoor-pursuits.org as an approved sender. Sometimes when we send out a mass email, it gets quarantined as spam by filters that block junk mail.

If you haven’t received emails, please send your preferred email address to goba@outdoor-pursuits.org .



Here’s the basic schedule for each day, June 19-26, at a glance. All rides are optional, as we’ll be driving to the overnight towns rather than biking to them.

SATURDAY — Camp opens at noon in the Shelby County Fairgrounds in Sidney for those who wish to stay overnight. The city is planning an arts & music festival downtown.

SUNDAY — A 50-mile loop ride in the morning, starting and ending at the fairgrounds. We then hop in our car for the 25-mile drive to Wapakoneta. The camp at Wapakoneta High School opens at noon.

MONDAY — A 50-mile loop ride in the morning. We remain at Wapakoneta High School for a second night.

TUESDAY — A 50-mile loop ride in the morning, starting at ending at the high school. We then hop in our cars for the 38-mile drive to Versailles. The camp at Heritage Park in Versailles opens at noon.

WEDNESDAY — A 50-mile loop ride in the morning, starting and ending at the park. We then hop in our cars for the 23-mile drive to Troy. The camp at City Park and Hobart Arena opens at noon.

THURSDAY — A 50-mile loop ride in the morning. We remain in Troy for a second night.

FRIDAY — A 50-mile loop ride (with a 100-mile option) in the morning. We remain in Troy for a third night.

SATURDAY — About a 40-mile loop ride in the morning. WOBA ends and everyone goes home.

Distances and other details subject to change.



Some key dates for the Western Ohio Bicycle Adventure (updated May 16):

April 1

First-come, first served “open” registration begins for all participants at the adult rate of $240 for GOBA 2020 deferment holders and $350 for non-holders of deferments. Those rates have been extended and will remain in effect through June 7, 2021, or until the 500-rider limit is reached, whichever comes first.

April 15

Deadline for the seller of a Group 1 or Group 2 deferment to submit a deferment transfer form  in order for the new holder to use it on WOBA.

April 30

• Deadline for the new holder of a Group 1 or Group 2 deferment transfer to register for WOBA and be guaranteed a spot.

Deadline for any registrant to request a refund, minus a $55 processing fee.

June 7

• New deadline to register for WOBA unless the 500-rider limit is reached first. The discounted adult prices of $240 (deferment holder) and $350 (non-holder) also were extended to June 7.

June 19

• WOBA opens at noon at the Shelby County Fairgrounds in Sidney; riding starts the next day.

June 26

• WOBA ends in the afternoon at Community Park in Troy.

All dates are tentative and subject to change.