• Posted by Lisa Daris
  • On February 19, 2017

The expression TOSRV Forever! was first used in 1971 and conveys my attitude towards TOSRV.  My first was in 1969 thanks to Mark Suttner.  Mark did his diligence and brought a friend into the fold.  That has been my goal every year… to introduce TOSRV to another cyclist.  Most come back for more.

In the background picture I am circled, of course and on my left is Mark.  Steve, on his first TOSRV, is 4 over on my right — Tank we miss you!.   In the picture we are at Circleville 1971.  Steve and Rick watch Mark (Peugeot Jersey) and me change a flat tubular.    Back then the only thing more common than rain was a flat.

TOSRV Forever!



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