Event Dates – June 17-24, 2023

Indoor sleeping  – there will be indoor sleeping (and limited hotel) offerings every night on GOBA 2023. We are finalizing the options and will present them on the “Other Lodging / Alternative Lodging” webpages by 1/28/2023. You may purchase your ride registration now, and return later to purchase additional “add-ons.”

Please see the goba.com/important_dates page for details of registration deadlines and the process for redeeming GOBA 2020 registration deferments. 



All registration is online and must be completed by midnight on June 11, 2023, or when we reach our limit of 1,500 riders, whichever comes first.

We no longer offer paper registration. The approximate time it takes to process a paper registration is about an hour and with limited resources AND less demand, it no longer makes sense to offer paper registration options. If you’re reading this on a screen, you can register online. If a friend is reading it to you and you don’t have access to a computer, have your friend register you. If you’re really stumped, call us and we’ll try to help. 


We have maintained our base cost at $350. However, due to the isolated nature of two of our host communities, we’ve made the decision to include/provide 5 meals as part of your registration. There will be no significant restaurant or food resources for these two communities; its best for riders, GOBA, and the local provider, that we buy & guarentee a meal for our entire group of riders. We are planning to provide 2 dinners and 3 breakfasts; we’ll increase the cost of registration by $55.

Registration fee options
A fourth registration category has been added for 2023 for adults who are willing to pay a premium to sign up for GOBA after the traditional deadline (one month before the tour begins) if space remains. The “adult very late” registration is available May 21 to June 11, 2023, for $505 for riders and non-riders. It is non-refundable.

Here are the registration categories:

  • Adult regular (November 23 – February 5, 2023: $405
  • Adult late (February 6 – May 21, 2023: $455
  • Adult very late (May 22 – June 11, 2023: $505
  • Children ages 6-15 (November 23 – May 21, 2023): $105.
  • Children ages 2-5 (November 23 – May 21, 2023): Free.

Notes regarding children: Each child ages 2-15 must be registered separately. Age is based on what a child’s age will be as of June 17, 2023. Children under age 2 may not ride on a bike or in a bike trailer on GOBA. 

After you register, you will receive an acknowledgement email with links to other forms you need to complete — including a form for medical and emergency contact information. You may receive other emails that include links to add-on options that you can reserve separately. Please read all GOBA emails carefully.

Your rider packet — with bike number plate, wristband, tour patch, etc. — will be at check-in in ???.

Refund requests must be sent via email to goba@outdoor-pursuits.org by May 21, 2023. Refunds will be granted up to that date, minus a $55 processing fee. No refunds after May 21, 2023, for any reason.

Transfer of registration
You may transfer your registration to another person only by following these procedures: The **original** registrant sends an email to GOBA at goba@outdoor-pursuits.org stating the intent to transfer a 2023 registration, subject to a $20 transfer fee. Include the name, home address and email address of both the original registrant and the person who will receive the transfer. The person who will receive the transfer must register himself or herself by June 4, 2023, and pay the $20 transfer fee. If the original registration rate was lower (e.g., “early-bird”), GOBA will give the transferee a discount coupon code to use during registration in order to get the lower rate. Once the transferee has completed registration, a full refund will be issued to the original registrant (the $55 processing fee will be waived). Please note, a transfer request may be denied if all procedures have not been followed, including notifying GOBA beforehand about the intent to transfer.

Transfer of deferment
Holders of GOBA 2020 deferments – issued because of the cancellation of GOBA in 2020 because of the pandemic – may sell or give their deferment to another person for use for a 2023 registration at no additional cost, even if the price of the registration has increased since 2020. There is no fee for the transfer, but there is a deadline. See the deferment transfers page for details.

Other terms
All registrations are for the entire week — no partial-week registrations. All participants must register, whether or not they are bicycling. Each registrant must turn in, during check-in, a signed and completed Liability Waiver, Indemnification Agreement, Permission to Provide Medical Treatment and Publicity Release (custodial parent or legal guardian signs for entrants under 18).

Registrations are not accepted without payment or a certificate.

In order to be a GOBA participant who rides on or is pulled by a bicycle, a child must reach their 2nd birthday by June 17, 2023. Note the age restriction does not apply to registered children in a car, accompanying other registered riders. Also be advised, GOBA volunteer support vehicles (SAG) do not carry child-safety seats.

There will be no guaranteed refunds of payments for registration or camping services in the event of cancellation due to natural disaster, acts of God, acts of terrorism, epidemics or pandemics.


The cost of optional extras is not included in the GOBA registration fee and must be paid online unless noted otherwise. To learn more about fees, deadlines and policies for Car-Camper Passes and camper services, please go to the camper extras page.

T-shirts, jerseys
The GOBA registration portal offers options to order 2023 GOBA T-shirts for $19 and jerseys for $65. In order to meet production timelines, the  deadline to order in advance is May 21, 2023. There will be no refunds. 

Pre-ordered T-shirts and jerseys will not be shipped in advance and can be picked up at GOBA check-in starting June 17 at the camp in ??. Additional shirts, jerseys and other apparel MIGHT be available for sale during GOBA.

Check this camper extras page in early 2023 to see the jersey design and sizing charts. 

Camper services
Visit the camper extras page to learn more about deluxe camping, community camping, towel and chair services offered to GOBA riders.

Car-Camper Pass
Your registration already includes free parking for your vehicle all week in ???. The Car-Camper Pass is for participants who wish to bring their vehicle along each day into the other GOBA campgrounds. The vehicle fee is in addition to the participant registration fees. The driver and all occupants must purchase registrations, and the vehicle must display a Car-Camper Pass throughout the week.  The pass is only valid in a particular camp for the nights that GOBA is camping there. Please see Car-Camper policies and procedures and vehicle requirements before choosing this option. Deadline to purchase the pass is May 21, 2023, and there will be no refunds after May 21, 2023.

Rider Number 34 raffle
When you register, you can win a chance to receive Rider Number 34 in honor of GOBA’s 34th anniversary. Register by May 21, 2023, and add your nonrefundable donation of $5 per ticket. The winner receives a prize package worth more than $400! Buying more chances = more chances to win! The package includes:

  • Free 2023 registration (we’ll refund your fee if you win)
  • A massage during GOBA week (if a vendor offers the service)
  • A 2023 GOBA unisex short sleeve jersey

The drawing will be held in the GOBA office on June 11th so we can ensure the winner can proudly display rider number “34” during GOBA. The winner will be announced via our social media outlets and notified prior to GOBA 34.

Columbus Outdoor Pursuits membership

The Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure is owned and organized by Columbus Outdoor Pursuits, a volunteer-based, non-profit organization that provides opportunities and education for outdoor recreation and activities.

COP is the largest outdoor recreation organization in Central Ohio, with over 1,500 members of all ages and backgrounds. You will be eligible to take part in activities such as bicycling, backpacking, boating, hiking and camping. You will also have the opportunity to organize trips yourself and develop these life skills in a fun, supportive environment.

One-year memberships cost $25 for seniors, $30 for other adults and $50 for families. A $500 lifetime membership also is available.

For more information on membership and activities, visit the COP website.