GPS Map Files

GOBA has moved the route mapping function and GPS route coordinates to Ride with GPS.  All registered participants will receive an email invitation to join the 2018 GOBA within Ride with GPS.  By joining the event all riders will gain access to the app functions of Ride with GPS and will be able to access and download the route maps for each day.  Assistance with using Ride with GPS will be available in camp.


The below information was established by the GOBA Communications director based on files he prepares for the Ham Operators.  These files may be available from Jeff in camp if your device can not use the GPS files created by Ride with GPS.

GOBA GPS Map Files

Please read and follow all download and installation instructions below before asking for assistance.  They help resolve many common problems people have had using these files in the past.

If you are having issues with downloading the files from RideWith GPS, contact the GOBA office. 

The minimal waypoint files for older GPS units are not yet ready.  These are the weekly files with 50 waypoints per route.

If you are downloading the Garmin files to upload using BaseCamp and are getting this error – “GPX.webloc” is not a valid GPX file and could not be opened” make sure your browser is not adding the .webloc extension to your filename. When you right click and pick save, the .gpx should be the last thing in the filename. Then in the Filetype bar underneath, make sure the type is “all files” or shows *.* If the .gpx extension is not associated with a program on your computer, the browser/computer makes a best guess from the file contents and wants to add a different extension to the filename in the filetype bar.  Clicking directly on the .GPX links will generate another HTML page with the text of the file.  You must RIGHT CLICK the links to download the files.

For the GPX files, if you do not have a program associated with GPX files on your computer, you have to download the file by right clicking on the file name, then click “save”. You will then need to upload it to your GPS using your GPS interface software or other mapping program.

We have the Garmin files in a short form for older GPS units and a longer form for newer GPS units or other mapping programs. We will have the files available in several different formats depending on what application you are using to read the files or if you plan to upload them to a GPS.

The Communications Director Jeff Slattery, N8SUZ will also have a flash drive containing the map files available in the starting town in case you are having trouble with downloading these files.

Due to unforeseen detours during GOBA-week, you should check daily for routing changes.

The files below are daily waypoints only in Garmin and Google Earth formats.  If you wish turn by turn instructions, you will need to download from RideWithGPS at the link sent via email from the GOBA office.

Garmin (.GPX) Google Earth/Maps (.KML)
Weekly .GPX Weekly .kml
Sunday Delaware to London .GPX Sunday Delaware to London .kml
Monday Yellow Springs Optional 50 mile Loop .GPX Monday Yellow Springs Optional 50 mile Loop .kml
Monday Yellow Springs Optional full Loop .GPX Monday Yellow Springs Optional full Loop .kml
Tuesday London to Circleville .GPX Tuesday London to Circleville .kml
Wednesday Circleville to Lancaster .GPX Wednesday Circleville to Lancaster .kml
Thursday 50 mile loop .GPX Thursday 50 mile Loop .kml
Thursday Century Loop .GPX Thursday Century Loop.kml
Friday Lancaster to Newark .GPX Friday Lancaster to Newark .kml
Saturday Newark to Delaware .GPX Saturday Newark to Delaware .kml