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THE ADVENTURE: Saturday, June 16 – Saturday, June 23, 2018
30th Annual Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure
An Event of Columbus Outdoor Pursuits, 501(c)(3)

Delaware ◆ London ◆ Circleville ◆ Lancaster ◆ Newark ◆ Delaware
30th Anniversary GOBA Tour!


Route Elevations – Elevations Page

GOBA 2018 registration is limited to the first 1,500 registrants.

Get ready to bicycle 50 miles a day for a week in June. Your registration will include tent camping for 7 nights. You buy all your own meals and snacks. Expect additional costs for other lodging, indoor gym floor-sleeping, residence hall accommodations, optional side trips and some activities. See “How to GOBA” for more.

Highlights of the 2018 tour include:
● 7 days of cycling: 5 are 50-60 scenic miles from town to town and 2 are optional with 50 or 100 mile loops
● Terrain: mostly flat to rolling, and hillier terrain on the optional 100 mile loop
● Mileage for the week: minimum: 2681 maximum: 428
● Primitive tent camping at a mixture of fairgrounds, parks, and schools.
● GOBA rider map will be available as a downloadable file into your GPS device, right before the tour.
● Golden GOBA Dinner for riders on their 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th or 30th GOBA tour this June (OR you are an “All-Year” rider). Eligible riders will get a letter by the end of May with all the details.
● Song Contest
● Discount for registering early
● A new contest during the tour, fun and easy for the entire family, with prizes for the winners.
● Raffle for Rider #30! See details on the Registration page

Optional side trips are for registered GOBA riders, and you will be able to sign up later, separately from your registration. See the Optional Trips page for details and check back frequently for added trips. Details and reservations will also be in the March & May Newsletters (mailed to all registered riders). Also, keep an eye on Rider Updates (on the homepage) and (you don’t need a Facebook account to view).
Do Good – Do GOBA! Ride with a purpose by adding a donation. GOBA proceeds have gone to our Columbus Outdoor Pursuits Bicycle Development Fund which provides grants to bicycle-related projects across Ohio.

Saturday, June 16: Delaware
● Arrive early and explore Downtown Delaware which will lure you with its tantalizing coffees, sparkling gift shops, and inviting restaurants.

Sunday, June 17: Delaware to London

Monday, June 18: London (Layover Day), Optional loop


Tuesday, June 19: London to Circleville


Wednesday, June 20: Circle to Lancaster


Thursday, June 21: Lancaster (Layover day), Optional loops including Century Ride


Friday, June 22: Lancaster to Newark


Saturday, June 23: Newark to Delaware


Route details and mileages are approximate and subject to change.