Car Camper


Please make sure you thoroughly read through the information below and on the Car Camper Application itself before completing the application.

Click here to register Online for your Car Camper pass.

GOBA is first and foremost a tent-camping event. However, we offer a Car Camper pass as a courtesy to a limited number of vehicles, so that non-cycling family and friends may camp with the riders. In order to maintain our focus on bicycling and tent camping, we request that you review and comply with these policies and procedures to ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone.

If you are just leaving your car all week in the starting town, you do not pay any Car Camper fee. Your GOBA registration includes free week-long parking in Starting town.

Car Camping – If you wish to bring a vehicle along with you each day of GOBA and park it in the GOBA-rented facility, you may apply for a Car Camper Pass. Car Campers must be a registered GOBA participant and then register as a Car Camper to receive your parking pass. On the application, you agree to follow the guidelines established for everyone’s safety and comfort.

Car Camper Fee:

  • Car: $50
  • Van: $75
  • RV/Camper: $100
  • Box Truck: $150

Deadline: May 16, 2018, or before, if we have reached capacity.

Space Limitation: 25′ x 9′ space

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your vehicle does not fit in a 25′ x 9′ space, your vehicle must park in a location to be assigned by GOBA officials within the Car Camping Area. If your vehicle alone or combination of pull-vehicle + trailer/camper is more than 30’, it is absolutely not allowed.

If you want to bring a vehicle to each GOBA camp, you must register and pay for the vehicle, the driver and all passengers. “Car Camping” is primitive (no hook-ups) and vehicle must fit within a space 25′ long by 9′ wide.

GOBA reserves the right to deny car camper pass if the terms of the application are not met. GOBA reserves the right to deny car camper application or revoke the pass in camp, if the guidelines cannot be met.

GOBA will research the routes for you to drive from town to town, so that you will avoid driving on the cyclists’ route. The routing will allow you to meet your cyclist at the lunch stop each day. But, you are requested to stay off the cyclists’ route as many of the rural roads and narrow and do not permit safe passing. These route maps will be in your rider packet at the starting town.

Permit is not transferable to another vehicle.

Car Campers must display your green vehicle permits at all times on your vehicle, preferably hanging from your rearview mirror. And you must show your GOBA wristband if requested to do so. If the correct Car Camper Pass is not displayed, the vehicle will not be allowed in the GOBA Car Camping area.

Car Campers must dry-camp like all other GOBA participants – no hook-ups (water or electric) are provided. If you want hook-ups, you must go to a non-GOBA campground and pay their fees. Some of the fairgrounds where we are camping offer hook-up sites and if campers want those hook-ups, expect to pay the fees for those to the fairgrounds.

Car campers will need to park their vehicles in areas of the GOBA-rented facility that is designated as the “GOBA Car Camper area”. You may, however, actually pitch your tents in the regular GOBA camping area, if you would like.

The vehicle may be towed if an emergency occurs at the local site; or it may be towed at owner’s expense if the vehicle is not parked appropriately (e.g. taking up more than allotted space or in non-designated areas) and the driver refuses to move it.

To complete your application for a non-transferable Car-Camper pass for GOBA 2018, please use the link provided above to go to the online registration. In early June, you will receive a Car Camper letter which will allow you to enter and park in the fairgrounds at the Starting Town. Your green Car Camper Pass will be in your Rider Packet when you check in at Starting town.

GOBA, 1193 S. Front St, Columbus, OH 43206