Photos from GOBA Calendar

Photos from the 2017 GOBA are available through our SmugMug Online Gallery at Online Gallery

Previous Calendar Photos are also still available at:

●  2017 Calendar (GOBA 2016) Album

●  2016 Calendar (GOBA 2015) Album
●  2015 Calendar (GOBA 2014) Album
2014 Calendar (GOBA 2013) Album

The Picasa/Google + Photo galleries are being disabled due to problems with how attribution to our volunteer photographers cannot be displayed properly.

The filename for each picture contains the initials of the photographer: RS=Ron Schroeder, JuS or JS=Julia Schmitt, PT=Peter Toomey, JR=Jerry Rampelt, MP=Mary Plumley, JVW=Julie Van Winkle, SUZ=Jeff Slattery, TK JP=Josie Pommering.

Each photo is protected by copyright of The Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure and the photographer.  Contact the GOBA office regarding permission for publicity or commercial use of the photos.  See the Trademark details below.

Trademarks: The GOBA Name, Logo and other Property

The names “The Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure” and “GOBA” and the GOBA logo are trademarks registered with the State of Ohio to Columbus Outdoor Pursuits, Inc. Use of the GOBA name or logo without permission is subject to legal ramifications.  No one may sell items with these on them in any form without written permission from Columbus Outdoor Pursuits.  We sometimes will set up a licensing agreement granting use of the name or logo in exchange for equivalent goods or services.  Other times, permission to use our name or logo entails payment of a licensing fee to Columbus Outdoor Pursuits.  If you are interested in producing a commemorative item to sell, see us about making arrangements for use of our name or logo well in advance of the time (please allow 8 weeks) you plan to start production.  If you hear of anyone thinking of using the GOBA name or logo, please let us know, so that we can notify them of the proper procedures.