2017 GOBA Reward for Returning Riders (Updated 2/27/17)

GOBA announces the 2017 program for returning GOBA riders: Bring a friend who is new to GOBA and earn a reward. A thank-you gift will be provided to the qualified returning rider, one per household.

To qualify (* you must do both of these steps):

* Both new and returning riders register for the 2017 tour (you don’t need to both register at the same time). (See the GOBA Registration page.)
* After both are registered, only the returning rider enters the names, email addresses, phone numbers and rider numbers (if known) in a separate online sign-up.

Details of the Reward and the link to the Reward Sign-up will be available here, April 1, 2017.
Deadline to complete the Reward Sign-up: April 1 through June 8, 2017.

Eligibility guidelines:
The offer applies only if both the returning and the new riders are paying participants, age 16 or over, and if the new rider has never ridden any previous GOBA.
Both riders must be registered for GOBA 2017 by the posted deadlines on the Registration page of .
Thank-you gift will not be issued if either rider cancels their registration.
Please note: You must register for GOBA separately from the reward sign-up. See the GOBA Registration page.
So, thank you for introducing a new rider to the excitement that is GOBA, and check back on April 1 for more.